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- Before & After Gallery
Exilis ELITE
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CoolSculpting vs. Vanquish: Is Cold or Hot Technology Better For Fat Reduction? -Dr. Grace Liu, MD

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Ultherapy Testimonials

"NO PAIN with Treatment of Ultherapy Face and Neck - Newport Beach, CA
I've had Ultherapy before, and it was like a jack hammer pounding my face. The new office I went to numbed my face, then I received tiny anesthetic injections that didn't hurt. When the procedure started; I didn't realize it started as I didn't feel ANY PAIN. I had a very light sensation in my lower neck."
- SusanJung for Dr. Liu on*

"My Ultherapy Experince Was Fabulous and Pain Free at Dr. Grace Liu's
I looked for sometime for an office to do my Ultherapy treatment. I finally picked Dr. Grace Liu in Newport Beach. I had several friends go to other cheap spa like offices, with poor experiences. My treatment was A + More important it was pain FREE !!!! Just like the doctor had promised. Going to a Board Certified Doctor was very important. I will be doing my Ulthera once a year in this office, as well as my skin care, botox, fillers and other non invasive treatments. Staying young is a business ! I am committed to using a top doctor such as Dr. Grace Liu. I must admit, I was originally afraid of the pain. But my experience at Dr. Grace Liu's in Newport Beach was a very pleasant experience. #1 She is Board Certified Derm. #2 She has a amazing staff who always made me feel welcome and confortable. #3 She has cutting edge technology and is always present in the office."
- Chris for Dr. Liu on*

"I have been a patient of Dr. Liu for many years. She is an excellent and thorough doctor. When she told me about Ultherapy and the pain free method she was using I decided to try it. I was comfortable the entire procedure. I did have immediate results and I am looking forward to seeing more over the next couple of months."
- tracyfriedo for Dr. Liu on*

*Disclaimer: Results May Vary

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Watch YouTuber "OhhMyAnnie" get amazing results from CoolSculpting!

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