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CoolSculpting vs. Vanquish: Is Cold or Hot Technology Better For Fat Reduction? -Dr. Grace Liu, MD

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Coolsculpting Testimonials

"For any procedure, I always make sure to find the best in that particular field (board certified, with high reviews) and get the opinions of the top two doctors to find out who has a better strategy to tackle my problem, and ultimately who I "click" with better. Dr. Liu was my second consultation for CoolSculpting and scar removal, and half way through, I made up my mind that I was going to use her services. She was incredibly knowledgeable and thorough in her explanation of the procedures, went through all the potential side effects (as minimal as they are), and made sure to answer all my questions. I was comfortable speaking with her, and didn't feel rushed. As I showed her the problem areas, she was the one who let me explain what I needed, and never once tried to upsell me into getting more areas done. For CoolSculpting, she measured what size applicator would work best to get my desired results, as she had all three: small, medium, and large. I liked her so much, I arranged to have my CoolSculpting procedure done the same day! Before the procedure, she had an assistant (who was equally as nice) make sure that I was comfortable and taken care of, but Dr. Liu was the one who placed and secured the equipment on me. During the procedure they set me up with a library of movies to watch, snacks and water, and her staff was a click of the button away. They sent me home with gifts, and instructions on my aftercare that was helpful to refresh what was explained in the office. I have never felt more compelled to write a review, until after my experience with Dr. Liu. Everyone in her office exhibits such high levels of professionalism and willingness to help. I highly recommend her, and am looking forward to my future procedures."
- DintheOC for Dr. Grace Liu on*

"I just want to say that Dr. Liu did an amazing job with my body. For anyone who wakes up and looks in the mirror and is dissatisfied with the bulges they see, this is the treatment for you! Now I look in the mirror and love what I see. I got the Coolsculpting procedure done during my lunch break and went straight back to work with no downtime. Now my clothes fit beautifully on me and I just love the way I look. One procedure made a huge difference. I was shocked at the amazing results. This was better than a face lift! Even after all my facial procedures to look better, I was left with unwanted fat pockets that still showed the signs of aging. Now my clothes fit better, I feel better, and I look better! I had no down time, and was able to go back to work right after lunch after doing the procedure in the morning. I highly recommend this procedure to anyone who stands in front of the mirror and wishes the bulge they see was gone. Good luck and go for it! As well as being a real professional, she is so well-informed that she takes the fear out of every procedure and the result is A++. I have had the doctor help me with many of my skin problems and I have always been so happy that I am completely confident in any procedure she performs. She is the best!"
- jb026 for Dr. Grace Liu on*

"I had a large amount of abdomen fat that I just couldn't get off. I had the upper and lower abdomen done and had great results. I noticed a shrinkage of the fat within days and continued to shrink. I also had the love handles and back fat done just under the bra line. I have a waist again. I'm very pleased! No downtime at all. Dr. Liu and her staff are very professional and yet so very friendly. Very easy to talk to and ask questions. I feel very comfortable in her office."
- black diamond for Dr. Grace Liu on*

"Had a huge beer/carb belly last vacation pic were not appealing to look at. Dr. Liu was so professional. She went over all my options carefully and did not press for me to select any procedure. In fact, she talked my wife out of attempting the procedure on a spot that she thought was not optimal for Coolsculpting. I chose to do 3 areas initially: sides and abdomen. Sides were almost painless, just a strong pinch for about 1 min then it just feels numb. The abdomen was a little more tender, felt a strong pinch for 5 minutes then a mild numbness for the remaining 55 minutes. Office has a very nice, wide selection of DVDs to watch during the procedure. Results were so good on the first 3 areas that I just went back for two more treatments on different spots. Went from wearing a size 38 jean to 34 jean in 4 weeks, but Dr. Liu says the full benefit won't be seen until week 8. Going from size 38 to 34 jeans in 4 weeks has been amazing, and motivated me to start diet and exercising to get even more results. Will probably also get additional treatments to get my goal of a size 30."
- Happy in Irvine for Dr. Liu on*

"Although I work out three times a week, the only area I can't seem to make a bit of difference with is my tummy "pooch." When I learned of the CoolSculpting procedure, I immediately booked an appointment. Not only did I experience amazing results, my "pooch" is almost gone and my torso is flatter than it has been in years. I just had another appointment, this time for the area right above my lower abdomen. If the results are anything like my first visit, I will be purchasing a new bikini to show off at the local beach very soon!"
- Tricia in Newport for Dr. Liu on*

"Dr. Liu takes the time to not only explain the entire procedure, but to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. She truly cares about her patients and invests the time necessary to make you feel your procedure is her utmost priority. Dr. Liu's assistants are friendly and competent, but she always makes sure that she is involved in the overall process. I highly recommend not only her vast experience but her excellent results!"
- Tricia in Newport for Dr. Liu on*

"Dr. Liu and her staff are wonderful. They made me very comfortable and did not leave me waiting. I was initially skeptical about CoolSculpting but the results were much more dramatic than I anticipated. It is amazing to see such an improvement with such a simple procedure. I highly recommend Dr. L and CoolSculpting!"*

*Disclaimer: Results May Vary

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Watch YouTuber "OhhMyAnnie" get amazing results from CoolSculpting!

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